Best Picture Quality TVs for 2018

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Best picture quality so far

Design : 9Features : 10Performance : 10Value : 6
The C7 is the best-performing TV we’ve ever tested, beating the 2016 version by a hair, in particular with high dynamic range content. It’s also tied with the Sony A1E and the LG E7, despite costing a lot less than either one.

Sony XBR-A1E series

Tied for best picture, but costs more

Design : 9Features : 10Performance : 10Value : 6
Just because it’s a Sony OLED doesn’t mean it has a better picture than the LG OLEDs. The A1E has basically the same image quality as the LG C7 above, even though the LG costs a lot less.


Also tied for best yet, also more money

Design : 9Features : 10Performance : 10Value : 6
Unless you have even more money to burn than the typical OLED TV shopper, you should choose the less expensive version of this TV: the cheaper C7 above. It, the E7 and the Sony A1E all have the same image quality, but the C7 costs less.

Vizio M-Series (2017)

Best mid-priced, non-OLED picture

Design : 9Features : 10Performance : 10Value : 6
At sizes ranging from 50 up to 75 inches, the M series offers a lot more variety than the TCL below, which only comes in a 55-inch. And since a bigger picture is always better, it gets top honors among non-OLEDs we’ve reviwed.

TCL P series Roku TV (2017)

Best 55-inch non-OLED TV (tie)

Design : 9Features : 10Performance : 10Value : 6
With truly excellent image quality at an affordable price, this TCL is tied with the Vizio M series above for pure image quality among non-OLED TVs. For the price, you can’t go wrong with either one.

Sony XBR-X900E series

Best midpriced HDR image

Design : 9Features : 10Performance : 10Value : 6
Those Vizio and TCL TVs above deliver better black levels and contrast, but this Sony LCD is almost as good, and in some ways — particularly with its rendition of high dynamic range movies and TV shows — it’s better. All three scored the same “8” i…


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