Ecovacs DeeBot N8+ Clearanced on $287.99

  • We purchased this about a month ago at Walmart for what I thought was a good deal @$399. It fell to $359 a few days ago, and now down to $287.

    My review… we bought it for our basement floor which is LVP, we often have a German Sheppard and Golden Retreiver come visit. After one night there is dog hair everywhere, they usually spend weeks with us, so vacuuming the rooms the hang out in daily is to much. This guy runs each morning they were here and did a great job turning a mess into very clean. Picked up the hair with no problem. They also track dust and dirt in, so the mopping feature is very nice. Doesn’t do a perfect job, but good enouth that we don’t have to. The dog hair does get stuck in the bin (not sucked out into the bag), occasionally. I found that if I just hit the ’empty’ a second time it does suck it out.

    Overall very pleased. For us the key to this deal is the base unit. The dog hair fills the dust bin in one cleaning (1100 sq ft – 2 dogs). So the base unit was key. And so far we haven’t had to empty the bag (14 cleanings). When the dogs are not here, very little work for the unit. On most sites the base unit alone is $249 (I see it on Walmart for $159), so $287 for the combo is a great deal to me.…hbdg=L1100

    Store: Walmart

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