iPhone SE 64GB|SimpleMobile - $157.49 AC and possible further $35.20 off

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    This is likely for those of you who wanted a new iPhone SE on a cheap plan or as a WiFi device and missed the online Cricket deal for $50. I was kicking myself for missing it so I went on a hunt to find a similar deal.

    Before I go into the details of this deal, the Cricket deal had the SE at $50 plus a required $60 plan purchase so $110 plus taxes and a required port-in of a new number. This deal is slightly more expensive after codes but only requires a $25 plan and no port-in so it balances out a bit.

    At the moment, this is the best I could find for someone who wants/needs the phone now and can’t do the current in-store Cricket deal, which is the same as the online deal.

    Please note this phone is locked to Simple Mobile for 12 months but should be usable on other Tracfone family brands. If this is incorrect please let me know and I will edit this information.

    The deal:

    Go to shop.simplemobile.com and enter an email address for a 25% code. It doesn’t have to be the email you end up checking out with.

    Wait a minute or two and you should get one (they’re one time use).

    Select the iPhone SE 64gb and the $25 plan.

    Enter your code and also enter code SM10OFF.

    The price will now be $157.49 pre-tax for the phone and the plan.

    Now, I know we can’t specifically mention CB here on SD, so I will just say that I was able to get $35.20 back on this for signing up to a site, which you should be able to cash out very easily as soon as the 30 day return window ends. This includes a $10 bonus for new sign up so $25.20 on the purchase itself. Just to note, I also added code NYE21 to my simple mobile cart even though it didn’t take off any additional money, just to have it on there since it was mentioned on the CB site.

    This brings the net total down to $122.29 plus taxes, or $12.29 more than the cricket deal. I waited to post this until the CB was verified in my account, which only took a few hours from time of purchase.

    There are a few steps involved to get the full discount, but I hope at least a few people get some use out of this. If mods want me to remove the end portion of this post, please let me know as I’m trying to not violate the rules here.

    Store: Simple Mobile

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