Sign up for Samsung Pay Cash and get $5 free

  • Didn’t see this posted although it’s apparently been available since the beginning of the month. Samsung Pay now has a debit card account where you can load money from debit, credit or bank accounts and make purchases instead of using a bank card. If you sign up and then upgrade to the full account (which is free), they will add $5 to your account. Then you can send the money by using the new debit card for payments as you would any other card in Samsung Pay. Obviously this is only available to people who have Samsung phones that support Samsung Pay.

    I found the upgrade link by clicking on "Add money" and then clicking on the "Bank transfer" tab). After I did that, I had $5 on my card.

    They charge 3% for adding money from your credit card, 25c for adding from a debit card but it’s apparently currently being waived.…and-spend/

    Store: Samsung