Wal-Mart has Matchbox Fire Rescue Boat for 7.97 free ship to store

  • Large scale Matchbox fire rescue boat 7.97 was 19.99.

    Age Range: 3Y+
    The Matchbox large-scale Fire Rescue Boat launches to help other ships and seafaring vessels when there is an emergency
    Putting out fires is heroic work and the floating Matchbox Fire Rescue Boat resembles a real fire boat with a functional multi-directional water squirting system!
    When there is trouble at sea and the alarm sounds, fill up the boat with water and use the crank to pump the water out through the nozzle
    The front nozzle shoots up to 6 feet and can be angled 180 from left to right for precision in any emergency!
    Includes one large-scale 13.75-inches plastic boat with mechanical sounds and a functional nozzle for spraying water.


    Store: Walmart

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