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Citi - Bank Advertiser

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Citi - Bank Advertiser

PSA: Citi cards updated marketing policy. Limit your sharing!

Call 1-866-217-4736 from a registered phone and limit Citi selling your information to third parties!

This applies to all Citi cards including cards like Costco issued by Citi.

Remember to ask for a written confirmation in the automated system at the end.

If you don’t understand why this is important read the NYT article or below:…york-times

There are massive data aggregation companies like Factual and Roam. They pay money to apps to give people your location history and build your profile.

They then buy information from financial institutions to tie it to the places you visited

Then they buy information and match up financial transaction time stamps to anonymized store purchase data (from like free rewards cards) to figure out what you bought.

They also then collect public information about you on age, and other demographics

Then they sell all of this as a package to anyone who will pay for it.

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