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Duralast Socket Accessory Set 17 Piece, includes two breaker bars, $19.99, Autozone

Autozone has Duralast Accessory Set 17 Piece for $19.99 (price changes upon adding to cart). Choose in-store pickup to save on shipping otherwise shipping is free for orders over $35.…ece/569379


  • (2) 1/4" Drive Extension: 2", 6"
  • (3) 3/8" Drive Extensions: 3", 6", 10"
  • (2) 1/2" Drive Extensions: 3", 5"
  • (3) Universal Joints: 1/4" Drive, 3/8" Drive, 1/2" Drive
  • (5) Adapters: 1/4"F x 3/8"M, 3/8"F x 1/4"M, 3/8"F x 1/2"M, 1/2"F x 3/8"M, 1/2"F x 3/4" M
  • (1) 3/8" Drive Breaker Bar: 10"
  • (1) 1/2" Drive Breaker Bar: 12",Full polished chrome finish easily wipes clean of oil and dirt,

Forged Alloy Steel extension bar, universal joint, and adapter heat treated for superior strength,Universal joints pivot on 2 axis’s which allows for 360° rotation,Chamfered lead-ins help to provide fast and easy placement of sockets and accessories onto drive

Forged Alloy Steel extension bar, universal joint, and adapter heat treated for superior strength.

Store: AutoZone

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Mobil 1 Full Synthetic Extended 15,000 Mile and STP Full Synthetic Motor Oil $2/quart at Autozone

Mobil by the quart. $2.
STP by the 5 quart jug. $10

Store: AutoZone

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Pennzoil Platinum at Autozone without the filter for $1.99 (Oil 26.99 - $10 rebate & 15 AZ Giftcard)

If you prefer to use specific filters and don’t want the STP or the K&N upgrade, here is a straight deal on the oil only under the same system that no one seems to understand.

First you go to Autozone and search for Pennzoil Platinum. In the results you will see regular or high mileage. Underneath those you will see a link that says "Save now see details". Click that link and 3 appear.

1 is oil only for 26.99 before rebate and giftcard.

2 is with the oil filter for 32.99

3 adds in a free air filter for the same 32.99.

Obviously the best deal is the oil only link. Select that and it adds it to your cart for 26.99. Proceed from there with the Giftcard and rebate promotions.

Link is just and example with 5w-30 High mileage for my old Camry.…Maker=true

Go here for the Autozone gift card and enter promo code AUTO1578:

Then here for the Pennzoil one:…]

Both of those plus the $15 instant discount gets you to $1.99.

Store: AutoZone

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