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Bank of America - Bank Advertiser

BankAmeriDeals: BOA - $50 cash back for XFinity Mobile payments
Offer expires 4/29/2018. Must make two separate transactions with Xfinity Mobile on the card associated with this offer by 6/13/2018. $50 cash back earned within 30 days after second Xfinity Mobile monthly service bill is paid. Offer valid one time only. Cannot be combined with other offers. For licenses and additional details visit ©2018 Comcast. All rights reserved.
NOTE: offers only valid when you pay with your Bank of America debit or credit card enrolled with this program.

Store: Bank of America – Bank Advertiser

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Bank of America (BOA) $20 Statement Credit For Paying CC Bill via App

The offer disclosure indicates the offer is only for those who received an email from BOA, however I saw the offer within my account details for online banking and it appears again once I logoff the site. You may desire to check your account on their website to insure the offer is available to you.

I have the Better Balance Rewards CC and no other BOA accounts. All emphasis is added by me. I normally use AutoPay, but should be an easy 20 bucks.…geAccounts

Make banking better and get a $20 bonus offer

Receive your bonus in just 2 easy steps:

  • Step 1: Simply download our Mobile Banking app in your app store and sign in by April 1, 2018.
  • Step 2: Pay your Bank of America® credit card using the app by May 1, 2018.

Bank with confidence knowing we will help keep your information safe with our Mobile Banking Security Guarantee

Note: Once you meet the qualifications of the offer, your bonus will be credited to your account within sixty (60) days.

Here is the fine print from the site linked to this deal, many of which have no relevance to credit cards. But BOA posted them, so I am as well.

Legal Disclosures and Information
This offer is limited to those individuals who received an e-mail from Bank of America about this offer; only the named recipients are eligible for the bonus. Offer expires on May 1, 2018. This offer is intended for new users of the Bank of America Mobile Banking app only.

Additional Terms and Conditions:
If you meet all the requirements to receive the $20 Mobile Banking app bonus, we will attempt to post a statement credit for the earned bonus directly into your credit card account within sixty (60) days of meeting the qualifications for the earned bonus. The statement credit will generally be applied to your existing balance with the highest APR before being applied to any balances with lower APRs. Receipt of a statement credit does not affect your responsibility to pay your Total Minimum Payment shown on each statement you receive from us. The value of this bonus may constitute taxable income to you. Bank of America may issue an IRS Form 1099 (or other appropriate form) to you that reflects the value of the bonus. To the extent required by law, Bank of America may withhold tax or other amounts from the payment. Please consult your tax advisor, as neither Bank of America, its affiliates, nor their employees provide tax advice.

  1. Reproduction, purchase, sale, transfer or trade of this offer is prohibited. Offer cannot be combined with any other offer and is limited to one bonus per customer.
  2. Mobile Banking requires that you download the Mobile Banking app and is only available for select mobile devices. Message and data rates may apply.
  3. Payments to your Bank of America credit card account may not appear in your account details immediately, but you’ll receive credit for payments as of the date they’re submitted if scheduled for that day before 11:59 p.m. Eastern.
  4. You are not liable for fraudulent Online and Mobile Banking transactions when you notify the bank within 60 days of the transaction first appearing on your statement and comply with security responsibilities. See Section 5 of our Online Banking Service Agreement for full terms and conditions.
  5. The Spending & Budgeting tool is currently available in Online banking and Mobile banking (Android & iPhone only) for customers with checking or savings accounts.
  6. You must accept Terms and Conditions to enable My Balance in the mobile app. Enabling My Balance will allow you to view your selected account balances, including the last four digits of your account(s), on the Mobile Banking App home page without signing in. Mobile Banking transactions cannot be made from the My Balance page. You will need to sign in to perform transactions or to view account details.
  7. You must be enrolled in Online Banking or Mobile Banking to participate in the BankAmeriDeals® program and have either an eligible Bank of America® debit or credit card or Merrill Lynch® credit card. Select co-brand credit cards are not eligible. Earned cash back will be credited into an eligible checking, savings, money market or credit account in the next month following redemption. For more information, please read the program terms of use.
  8. Using your device location, the app can show deals near you. You’ll need to give Bank of America permission to access your location. We won’t share your location information with participating merchants, and we won’t store your location data.
  9. The FICO® Score Program is for educational purposes and for your non-commercial, personal use. This benefit is available only for primary cardholders with an open and active consumer credit card account who have a FICO® Score available. The feature is accessible through Online Banking, the Mobile website, and the Mobile Banking app for iPhone and Android devices. FICO is a registered trademark of Fair Isaac Corporation in the United States and other countries. Data connection required. Wireless carrier fees may apply.
  10. The rewards redemption feature is available for eligible consumer and small business credit cards in the Mobile Banking app for iPhone and Android devices. Certain redemption options may not be available in the Mobile app. Redemption choices may have different values. Please visit Online Banking to access the full range of options. Data connection required. Wireless carrier fees may apply.
  11. Alerts received as text messages on your mobile access device may incur a charge from your mobile access service provider. This feature is not available on the Mobile website. Wireless carrier fees may apply.
  12. Mobile Banking app alerts are not available on the Mobile website. Data connection required. Wireless carrier fees may apply.
  13. Unusual card activity alerts require enrollment in the Mobile Banking app. From the Mobile Banking app menu, go to Alerts, then Set Up Alerts if you have not yet activated alerts, or click Settings to select additional alerts and turn on Notifications. After ensuring your notifications are on, select General & Security Alerts and then turn on the individual alert for Unusual credit/debit card activity. Data connection required. Wireless carrier fees may apply.
  14. Not all account documents are available in paperless format.
  15. To view statements online in PDF format, you will need Adobe Reader software 6.0 or higher. If you don’t have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, you can download it now for free. Paper suppression is governed by the eCommunication Disclosure.
  16. Fees may apply for card replacement; please see your Personal Schedule of Fees for additional details.
  17. Personalized options vary by check design.
  18. When you place a lock on your debit or ATM card via Online or Mobile Banking, it will prevent most types of card transactions from being processed until you take action to unlock your card. Any virtual cards linked to the locked card will also be locked. However, the lock will not stop card transactions presented as a new recurring or a previously scheduled recurring transaction by the merchant, transactions using other cards linked to your deposit account, or the posting of refunds or credit adjustments to your account. Additionally, transactions that occurred prior to locking the card will not be affected. Locking your card is not a replacement for reporting your card lost or stolen. This feature is available on the Mobile Banking app for iPad, iPhone and Android devices. Data connection required. Wireless carrier fees may apply.
  19. Certain devices with built-in fingerprint scanners are eligible for enrollment in Touch ID® or fingerprint sign-in. If eligible, you will have the option to check the box for either Set up Touch ID or Set up fingerprint sign-in within the Mobile Banking app. Check the box and follow the in-app prompts to enroll. If you store multiple fingerprints on your device including those of additional persons, those persons will also be able to access your Bank of America Mobile Banking app via fingerprint, including the ability to access a call center, when Touch ID or fingerprint is enabled. Data connection required. Wireless carrier fees may apply.
  20. Initially, you’ll only be able to select this option within your Security Center in Online Banking; however, the selection will apply to sign-in for both Online and Mobile Banking.
  21. Payments made through Bill Pay with your SafeBalance Banking® account will be withdrawn from your account before delivery to the payee. If there are not enough funds in your account when we attempt to withdraw the payment amount, the payment will not be sent. Please see the Online Banking Service Agreement for details.
  22. Merrill Edge is available through Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Incorporated (MLPF&S), and consists of the Merrill Edge Advisory Center™ (investment guidance) and self-directed online investing.
  23. Fees apply to wires and certain transfers. See the Online Banking Service Agreement for details. Data connection required for online and mobile transfers. Wireless carrier fees may apply.
  24. Transfers require enrollment in the service and must be made from a Bank of America consumer checking or savings account to a domestic bank account or debit card. Recipients have 14 days to register to receive money or the transfer will be canceled. It may take 1 to 3 business days to complete the first transfer to a newly registered recipient. After that, future transfers between registered users will typically be completed within minutes. We will send you an email alert with delivery details immediately after you schedule the transfer.
  25. Dollar and frequency limits apply. See the Online Banking Service Agreement for details, including cut-off and delivery times. Data connection required. Wireless carrier charges may apply.
  26. Mobile Check Deposits are subject to verification and not available for immediate withdrawal. In the Mobile Banking app, select Help & Support, then Mobile Check Deposit for details, including funds availability, deposit limits, proper disposal of checks, restrictions and terms and conditions. Requires at least a 2-megapixel camera. Data connection required. Wireless carrier fees may apply.

Store: Bank of America – Bank Advertiser

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