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FandangoNOW: Mega Movie Weekend $0.99 4K UHD Rentals: Knives Out, Bombshell, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, Like A Boss, Playing With Fire, & More…ie-weekend


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FandangoNow Digital 4K UHD Movies From $4: The Matrix, Inception, Mad Max Fury Road, Die Hard, Pacific Rim & More

FandangoNow has the following digital 4K films on sale for $5. Apply code HOME at checkout for a 20% discount to make them $4 each. Unfortunately, the coupon can only be used once per account and FandangoNow does not allow multiple items to be purchased at once. All films are Movies Anywhere eligible.

The Matrix []

Inception []

Mad Max: Fury Road []

Die Hard []

Pacific Rim []

Red Sparrow []

Kingsman: The Secret Service []

Sherlock Holmes (2009) []

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1917 4K preorder $14 at FandangoNOW | Today Only w LEAP29 code

1917 4K is a preorder that releases March 10.
1917 is MA and ports to iTunes, Vudu, Prime, GooglePlay in 4K/UHD

It’s currently $19.99; however, today’s Leap Day code "LEAP29" entered at checkout brings the price to $14.19…eci=movies

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FanangoNOW Movie or TV Series Purchases, Pre-Orders & Rentals 29% Off (Valid 2/29 Only)

FandangoNOW offers 29% off ALL rentals, purchases and pre-orders (excludes movie bundles) today, 2/29/2020 only when you enter promo code LEAP29.

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Wizard of Oz (Digital 4K UHD Film) $7.99 @ FandangoNow

For those interested:

Note, be sure to select the Buy Tab to purchase. If price doesn’t display correctly, login to your account.

Film is Movies Anywhere (MA) compatible

Store: FandangoNOW

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HD digital movies for $5 each - Taken 1,2 or 3; Mr & Mrs Smith; Man on Fire; + many more - FandangoNOW

Seveal movies on the list, all HD for $5 each. Some of the more notable ones:

Black Swan
Mr & Mrs Smith
Taken 2
Taken 3
Pound of Flesh
Man on Fire
The Men Who Stare at Goats
Our Idiot Brother
Kill the Irishman

Many others HD movies are on there.. enjoy!

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Weeds Season 1 $1 FandangoNow…2A4BCCFED8

Then Season 2 for $2 and so on

Store: FandangoNOW

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Thoroughbreds - Digital 4K Ultra HD $7.49 (Movies Anywhere Eligible)

Critically acclaimed Thoroughbreds is currently on sale for $7.49. Make sure you click on the 4K Ultra HD tab before clicking on by:…A4771C95BE

Movie will port to all linked Movies Anywhere partner sites. Offer ends 21 August, 2018.

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FandangoNOW $5 UV 4K UHD Titles: Red, Red 2, The Expendables 1 to 3

FandangoNOW has the following UV UHD titles on sale @ $5.00:

The Expendables…3039552d53

The Expendables 2…88410c5e39

The Expendables 3…02350719A7


Red 2…ADC3E3631D

If you own the movie in SD/HD & wanted to upgrade, try the below courtesy of DirtyPop:
Unlink your uv account from FN
Log out of your FN account
Re-login to your FN account
Re-link your UV account back up
Do not wait for the library to re-sync
Buy the UHD of the movie
Will not work if the original SD/HD movie was purchased on FandangoNow/MGO/Viggle

Store: FandangoNOW

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