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Shark R101AE Self Emptying Robotic Vacuum - 360+Tax

Shark’s website currently has their flagship R101AE self emptying robotic vacuum on sale for 399$ instead of the regular 550$ when you buy directly through their website. Additionally, you can sign up for a 1 time use 10% off promo code through the link at the top of the page when you first load the site. The deals can be, combined and I recently purchased two units this way with free two day shipping.

This vacuum is a direct competitor to the Roomba i7+ self emptying vacuum, but half the price, and you don’t have to buy expensive vacuum bags. Very excited to give this unit a shot!

This is also 140$ cheaper than the previous front page deal a month ago

**note that once the promo code is applied, you cannot change your order or quantity in the checkout or you will have to obtain a new code. Protip — if you have gmail, you can add a +anything to your email and it’ll forward to you because the + and anything after is ignored. Eg [email protected] forwards the same as [email protected], but allows you to use a new email address.…ogv/?opt=2

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